Post Thanksgiving 2014


We hope that your Thanksgiving was bountiful  as was ours. We had a wonderful dinner banquet hosted by all the Escapee’s here at Saguaro SKP park in Benson, AZ.

The Banquet Hall was festively set up with 7 Long tables, each sitting 18 guests.  At the end of each long table there was 2 serving tables.  The food was ‘pot luck’ style, the assignments having been made by a table chairperson.  The result  was wonderful warm food accompanied by great fellowship.

Leftovers?  Oh yeah, we did those for Friday lunch.  And than it was gone!

DSCN0769 (Medium)








We’ve rented a storage area for 2 months to hold our ‘stuff’ during our flooring replacement as well as our Connecticut trip.  I’m also stuffing it with donations to bring to Kino Bay in February.

Renada is a most pleasant lady we meet at dinner.  She is German and has been traveling the North & South America continents for 5 years in here motorhome.

DSCN0767 (Medium)

More work this coming week, there’s always something the will keep me out of mischief.

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