Bisbee Visit 2014

It doesn’t rain in the desert right?  Benson, AZ is is the desert right? Ergo, it is very rare to have measurable rain in Benson.  Well we had a DSCN0783 (Medium)bunch of rain yesterday.  I had a longstanding appointment to have P.M. {Oil Change Stuff} done on the coach.  WE had to break camp, drive 2 miles, wait 2 hours, comeback and reset-up.  The rain stopped about 30 minutes later!  I was very pleased with the service and the price.  This is done every 10,000 miles: Check a bunch of stuff plus change 14 qts of synthetic oil, big oil filter and fuel filter/water separator.  $165 and we were ‘good to go’.

10734062_10152401219152261_4645250418889577795_n (Medium)



Vacation, that’s what we’re missing; a vacation!  Next week we will take some vacation time and travel to Connecticut to visit family & friends.


Last night, went to Bisbee, AZ to visit Perfect Ashlar Lodge #12 for their last meeting of the year.  The rain had stopped and I20141204_200116 (Medium) drove 47 miles, past Tombstone through the desert.  The sun setting over my shoulder cast the mountains in deep shadow, the show is never ending.  We had a light dinner at 6:00 followed by a meeting where great fellowship was shared.  This being the Master’s last meeting, he was in great form having a very relaxed meeting.  Note here that we are in full Arizona dress appropriate of Lodge meetings Clean Jeans!

Their Lodge room is large and freshly painted.

20141204_183255 (Medium)

20141204_200216 (Medium)

Mid-Morning here, time to get some work done.

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