I’m an Elk 2014


BOF for BPOE (Medium)Having reached a favorable opinion of the fraternity,  I’ve joined The Elks.  Many of the The Elks Lodge’s have RV parking spaces, some with full hook-ups.  They also have an active chapter in the Escapee’s with several nice events.

I went up on the roof yesterday to do my semi-annual maintenance of caulking.  While I was there I removed the vent cover remains that we lost in New Mexico on route to the Balloon Fiesta.

Reservations for our Kino Bay Rally are coming in at a trickle.  This is up setting to us do to all the work we’ve put into it.  The major road blocks seem to be the perception of out of control violence and modern diesel fuel availability.  The violence is directly attributed to The Mexican Drug War, and I have friends that say drug use is a ‘victimless crime’.  The fuel issue is the bureaucratic folly of Pemex, the state owned fuel system.

All of a sudden, I cannot download photos from my Samsung phone.  This is a bummer as we went to a party last evening with live music.  About 50 folks and we all had a great time.

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