Go East Young Man! 2014

DSCN0785 (Medium)We are 1,757 miles into our trip, we have about 900 to go.  We can slow down a bit as we are not due in Manchester, CT until Tuesday.  Most of our weather has been clear to date, I suspect that will change.  All of our heavy clothing is safely ensconced in Austin, TX storage area.  Today we will do some shopping.

How about these fuel prices?  We’re loving them, our little car get 27mpg at 75 mph cruising.  Let’s see that would be 2,700/27 mpg = 100 gallons at about $2.35/gallon.  I can live with that!

DSCN0787 (Medium)You’ve got to be careful where you step when you in the Southwest, our friend Lynne Waited ran into a small rattler that put  him in the hospital for 2 days.

Reservations for our “Mexican Connection” rally to be held in February are trickling in.  Perceptions of Safety Issues and Ultra Low Sulfur availability are issues that have folks nervous.

We are at spot #5 below.


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