Christmas, He is coming! 2014

20141221_093007 (Medium)

We were very pleased last Sunday to find the Mexican Nativity scene at the alter of our church, Christ the King in Windsor CT.  We found is during our 1st trip to Mexico on our 25th wedding anniversary.  I had it packaged and carried it back a hand luggage.  We gifted it to the former Pastor who must have seen fit to leave it at the church.  Thanks, Pastor Doug!

Sunday afternoon we traveled to Meridan (40miles) where our family helped with the annual dinner the Rainbow girls put on for the local Homeless Shelter.  The girls (with ‘help’ of their Advisors) put on a huge turkey dinner.  Santa shows up and  lots of personal gifts are handed out.

20141221_174024 (Medium)

Last Saturday, our local chapter of The National Camping Travelers (A Masonic Camping Club) had it’s annual holiday ‘camp-out at the Dakota Steakhouse. In addition to over eating, our members continued with our tradition of stuffing a State Police Cruiser with toys for the children in our local social programs.  In fact, we stuffed a cruiser and a 3/4 ton pick-up truck thanks to the Dakota staff and management teaming up with us.

20141220_140455 (Medium)

In closing, Anne-Marie and I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas.  We are pleased and honored to do that as  a result of the wonderful country we are all privileged to live in.


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