Hartford Evergreen’s Installation 2014

Collage (Medium)One of the prime reason for our winter trip to Connecticut was the I had been asked to serve as ‘Installing Master’ at Hartford Evergreen Lodge #88.  This was my Father’s lodge and I served as Master in 2002 & 2006.  We had the Lodge room full and a great time was had by all.

I Installed Bro. Dwayne L. Clarke as Master, I initiated him in 2006.  We were honored in that Worshipful Brother Thomas Maxwell, Grand Master of Masons, Grand Lodge A. F. & A. M. was present.  A nice lunch was provided by the Lodge and all went home in near 60° temperatures.10406681_10152993632104533_1619201750724289553_n (Medium)

A native of Texas, M.W.B. Maxwell was very kind in his closing remarks.  He was surprised and pleased the the gavel I presented was made by a Freemason in Round Rock, TX.



A tip of the hat to K & G Superstore in Manchester.  They were able to sell and alter a Tux for me in 2 hours after mine failed to make the trip from Austin.  The black Western hat did make the trip with us.10309499_10152993632369533_8015256723537666156_n (Medium)

About 10 years ago there was doubt that this Lodge would exist more than a few years, about 5 Brothers rotated going thru the chairs.  Now there are no Past Masters in the ascending chairs, a remarkable reversal.


Worshipful Brother Clarke and his familyIMG_1332 (Medium)My sad news this week was that Brother My My Sad news is that Bro. Tom Harrison passed on to ‘that place on known in the heavens, on touched by human hands’  We were close to Tom & Loraine as they were charter Members of our church and very supportive of all our fraternal doings.

Some would say Tom was lucky as his melanoma was discovered about 4 weeks ago and was unusually aggressive in taking him.  I am comforted in that we were able to visit him while he was well, he shared some of his wonderful dry humor and I will be able to bid him fare well at his Masonic Service on Friday next.

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