Where have we been? Sick! 2015

OK, not a common time for us for sure. You may remember that I was laid-up in Benson, AZ with bronchitis.  Than Anne-Marie got it and was out of commission for about 5 days.  We left Benson last Sunday only to break-down about 50 milesDSCN0820 (Medium) west of our destination (Quartzsite).  We heard a crunching noise from our front left wheel at 4:00pm on Sunday.  Good Sam dispatched a mechanic who correctly diagnosed a failed set of wheel bearings at 9:00pm.  Freightliner has 24/7 parts in Phoenix, he made the 150 mile trip and was back reassembling our rig at 2:00.  He was done at 4:15am and we were $425 lighter Sad smile

We fell back into bed and slept like rocks until 9:00am.  We continued on to Boomerville where pancakes were being served, proceeds went to our CARE charity.  10424284_920044544686361_7970455923596952743_n (Medium)

Anne-Marie went to bed for a few days coughing with an on/off fever.  Sue Schaffer assumed command and took her to the local hospital where pneumonia was diagnosed and 4 prescriptions written.  We drove to  Wally Mart in Parker, AZ where we had to wait 4 hours.

Magic medicine, 2 days later she’s much better!


DSCN0814 (Medium)

A couple of ‘young’ fellows came up from Tombstone to entertain us in Benson.  It was a fun night for all accept Anne-Marie who slept thru the whole week.  The fellow closest to you was playing castanets made out of Beef Rib Bones.

Got to go, just discovered a leak in our waterpump Surprised smile






Another Crimp in our plans 2015

It all started last Saturday for me with a chest cold that morphed into bronchitis in 24 hours, landing me in the Branson hospital where I was given antibiotics  and told no driving until fever goes away.  This was not good, we had administrative duties as WagoonMasters that required us to be in Quartzite, AZ about 250 miles away.  E-mails and telephone calls with our coconspirators and they covered our backs.

On Wednesday Anne-Marie fell victim to this nasty disease. She ran a fever and was lost to the world for 3 days.  She does not do well on many meds, we are adding NyQuil to that list.   It stops her cough while limiting her ability to stand & walk!

Just when I thought we had our problems solved, the kitchen sink refused to drain.  I tried plunger, removed trap (not20150116_093158 plugged), ran a snake down the line.  The snake stopped about 10’ down the pipe, in the general area of the slide.  He was busy but would come out at 8:00 am, before his usual hours.  He remove the access cover and discovered that the Flex line for sink drain kinked causing a 100% stoppage.  The offending line is in the center of this picture.  It was challenging to get to the ends for removal, we had no replacement tubing.  After removal, you can clearly see the kink.  We straightened to kink, putting a 20150116_090109hose clamp over it to prevent a reoccurrence.  We than swapped the hose end for end and reinstalled it, mission accomplished.

Thanks and a tip to Greg owner of Apache RV.  He drove 40 miles to us, worked 1 hour+ and charged us $80.

We hope to be in Quartzite on Sunday.








Not Going to Plan, We’ll Have to Adjust

Last week we made a 2,800 mile run from Connecticut to Arizona.  We spent 3 days repacking our household good, clothing and replenished the larder.  An old nemesis decided to make a visit.  Bronchitis, laid me very low; fever, shakes bensonhospital1and sore all over.  The Doctor and staff at Benson Hospital were very nice.  They kept me for 7 hours.  The meds they gave make me (LEVOFLOXACIN 500mg) walk funny.

The net effect is that I cannot drive our coach so we will miss a great deal of the festivities at Quartzite.







Back to Arizona & ReFloored 2015

Our 2,500 mile drive back to Benson Arizona can be summed up in a few words.  Boring, Long, Cold, repeat!

map Capture

fuel (Medium)

fuel1 (Medium)

In Ohio, we  noted that some things never change, They have gas wars!  Not as inexpensive as the 60’s but a great relief nevertheless.

0178f6d08d39ce2d44017e1c4f10d334I do remember filling my dad’s ‘60 Ford with $0.139/gallon gas.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

When we got back to Benson, we were very pleased to be greeted by our Bounder and it’s new flooring.  The new carpeting and faux wood flooring transformed our interior. 

We researched a great many options;  Ceramic Tile seems to always crack, caused by the twisting going down the road.  Real wood doesn’t tolerate the ever present water.  We settled on Allure Vinyl, impressive performance and it looks great.

DSCN0807 (Medium)DSCN0808 (Medium)








We will now spend 2 days putting our ‘stuff’ back in the coach and than we are off to our annual ‘vacation’ in Quartzite, AZ where we will meet up with about a million other like minded folks.

Arizona Bound 2015

We’ve had a great visit the last 2 weeks with family and friends in Connecticut.  Family; Our Daughters Grace & Kelly, Their husbands Wayne & Greg and our 3 Grand Children Cort, Kayla and Amelia.  Dinner{s}  with our longtime friends:  Dick & Ursula Kaminski  & Rick & Connie Knowles used up our evenings.  Not Quite, I went to Lodge Meetings and made a general pest of myself saying, “They didn’t do it that way in my year”.DSCN0803

I was prepared to sit in Lodge wearing my  Tux’, pressed jeans & a cowboy shirt with jacket.  That plan was aborted when I found out our Grand Master was attending the Installation that I was officiating at.  ‘K&G Superstore was able to fit me in 2 hours. The general consensus is that Elvis looks better than I do.

We had a reality check when our friend Tom Harrison past away after a 3 week battle with cancer.  Tom was a Masonic Brother in ‘My’ Lodge and a charter member of our church.  About 50 Brothers showed up for his Masonic Service and his church service attendance exceeded out Christmas count.

10898244_10203497747509073_359011792992975051_nToday, I had a bit part in the installation of officers in Washington Lodge #70.  We had to slide the time a bit to accommodate Tom’s funeral service as many of the Brothers were where their hearts lead them, to be with Tom’s Family.

I close with a photo of the Drive-in at a Texas McDonalds.  Why?  ‘cause Tom would have liked it!




Tomorrow we are on the road, early I hope.