Arizona Bound 2015

We’ve had a great visit the last 2 weeks with family and friends in Connecticut.  Family; Our Daughters Grace & Kelly, Their husbands Wayne & Greg and our 3 Grand Children Cort, Kayla and Amelia.  Dinner{s}  with our longtime friends:  Dick & Ursula Kaminski  & Rick & Connie Knowles used up our evenings.  Not Quite, I went to Lodge Meetings and made a general pest of myself saying, “They didn’t do it that way in my year”.DSCN0803

I was prepared to sit in Lodge wearing my  Tux’, pressed jeans & a cowboy shirt with jacket.  That plan was aborted when I found out our Grand Master was attending the Installation that I was officiating at.  ‘K&G Superstore was able to fit me in 2 hours. The general consensus is that Elvis looks better than I do.

We had a reality check when our friend Tom Harrison past away after a 3 week battle with cancer.  Tom was a Masonic Brother in ‘My’ Lodge and a charter member of our church.  About 50 Brothers showed up for his Masonic Service and his church service attendance exceeded out Christmas count.

10898244_10203497747509073_359011792992975051_nToday, I had a bit part in the installation of officers in Washington Lodge #70.  We had to slide the time a bit to accommodate Tom’s funeral service as many of the Brothers were where their hearts lead them, to be with Tom’s Family.

I close with a photo of the Drive-in at a Texas McDonalds.  Why?  ‘cause Tom would have liked it!




Tomorrow we are on the road, early I hope.


One thought on “Arizona Bound 2015

  1. Bruce Hoffman says:

    It was good to see you and Ann Marie (although I didn’t get the chance to say hello to her). You both look great…and quite happy!! But, on a more serious note, most of us in that room missed Brother Tom terribly- his wit, humor, and general presence. However, inquire sure he was sitting right there with Uncle Henry reminiscing and gleefully looking down upon us. Be safe on your journey back to AZ.

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