Back to Arizona & ReFloored 2015

Our 2,500 mile drive back to Benson Arizona can be summed up in a few words.  Boring, Long, Cold, repeat!

map Capture

fuel (Medium)

fuel1 (Medium)

In Ohio, we  noted that some things never change, They have gas wars!  Not as inexpensive as the 60’s but a great relief nevertheless.

0178f6d08d39ce2d44017e1c4f10d334I do remember filling my dad’s ‘60 Ford with $0.139/gallon gas.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

When we got back to Benson, we were very pleased to be greeted by our Bounder and it’s new flooring.  The new carpeting and faux wood flooring transformed our interior. 

We researched a great many options;  Ceramic Tile seems to always crack, caused by the twisting going down the road.  Real wood doesn’t tolerate the ever present water.  We settled on Allure Vinyl, impressive performance and it looks great.

DSCN0807 (Medium)DSCN0808 (Medium)








We will now spend 2 days putting our ‘stuff’ back in the coach and than we are off to our annual ‘vacation’ in Quartzite, AZ where we will meet up with about a million other like minded folks.

One thought on “Back to Arizona & ReFloored 2015

  1. John Tremblay says:

    Happy New Year! I enjoy your serendipity emensely and vicariously. To quote my good friend and chef Mark Miller “Tasty Trails” to Anne Marie and Yourself.

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