Another Crimp in our plans 2015

It all started last Saturday for me with a chest cold that morphed into bronchitis in 24 hours, landing me in the Branson hospital where I was given antibiotics  and told no driving until fever goes away.  This was not good, we had administrative duties as WagoonMasters that required us to be in Quartzite, AZ about 250 miles away.  E-mails and telephone calls with our coconspirators and they covered our backs.

On Wednesday Anne-Marie fell victim to this nasty disease. She ran a fever and was lost to the world for 3 days.  She does not do well on many meds, we are adding NyQuil to that list.   It stops her cough while limiting her ability to stand & walk!

Just when I thought we had our problems solved, the kitchen sink refused to drain.  I tried plunger, removed trap (not20150116_093158 plugged), ran a snake down the line.  The snake stopped about 10’ down the pipe, in the general area of the slide.  He was busy but would come out at 8:00 am, before his usual hours.  He remove the access cover and discovered that the Flex line for sink drain kinked causing a 100% stoppage.  The offending line is in the center of this picture.  It was challenging to get to the ends for removal, we had no replacement tubing.  After removal, you can clearly see the kink.  We straightened to kink, putting a 20150116_090109hose clamp over it to prevent a reoccurrence.  We than swapped the hose end for end and reinstalled it, mission accomplished.

Thanks and a tip to Greg owner of Apache RV.  He drove 40 miles to us, worked 1 hour+ and charged us $80.

We hope to be in Quartzite on Sunday.








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