Where have we been? Sick! 2015

OK, not a common time for us for sure. You may remember that I was laid-up in Benson, AZ with bronchitis.  Than Anne-Marie got it and was out of commission for about 5 days.  We left Benson last Sunday only to break-down about 50 milesDSCN0820 (Medium) west of our destination (Quartzsite).  We heard a crunching noise from our front left wheel at 4:00pm on Sunday.  Good Sam dispatched a mechanic who correctly diagnosed a failed set of wheel bearings at 9:00pm.  Freightliner has 24/7 parts in Phoenix, he made the 150 mile trip and was back reassembling our rig at 2:00.  He was done at 4:15am and we were $425 lighter Sad smile

We fell back into bed and slept like rocks until 9:00am.  We continued on to Boomerville where pancakes were being served, proceeds went to our CARE charity.  10424284_920044544686361_7970455923596952743_n (Medium)

Anne-Marie went to bed for a few days coughing with an on/off fever.  Sue Schaffer assumed command and took her to the local hospital where pneumonia was diagnosed and 4 prescriptions written.  We drove to  Wally Mart in Parker, AZ where we had to wait 4 hours.

Magic medicine, 2 days later she’s much better!


DSCN0814 (Medium)

A couple of ‘young’ fellows came up from Tombstone to entertain us in Benson.  It was a fun night for all accept Anne-Marie who slept thru the whole week.  The fellow closest to you was playing castanets made out of Beef Rib Bones.

Got to go, just discovered a leak in our waterpump Surprised smile






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