I D 10 T Damage Control 2015


There’s more than a little truth in this statement.  Due primarily to Driver error on my part we will be several months and more than a few dollars repairing damage’s on our motorhome due to my hitting stationary objects.

We are camped at St. David’s RV Resort, in Benson, AZ.  They are a member of American Outdoor Resorts which we belong to.  We prefer the SKP park here, they are full due to Escapade in Tucson.  There are plenty of activities in this park and the folks are friendly.  having a full service site for $11/night is good too.

Ever notice the ramps on the back of a truck carrying new cars?  There are 2 of them, look like giant cheese graters.





Will the driver who lost one of them o I-10 west bound near Tucson please contact me.  I found it for you.  I almost missed it, it ruined 1 of our toads tires on the way by ;-(  These were new in Connecticut, another $154 down the drain.

Our preferred RV service in the area is Apache RV Service, owned and operated by Greg.  He came out yesterday and together we removed the damaged awning.  The awning was twisted and destroyed by hitting the Mexican toll booth.  Our deductible is $1,000 with GNC Insurance.  I’m thinking damage will be twice that.


We will be going to Escapade on or about 3/6/2015 where we will help our Chapter #8 members who are planning next years rally to Rocky Point.  We will depart Tucson on 3/13 and make a sojourn of 877 miles to Georgetown, Texas for long delayed medical appointments.  We expect to be there 6 weeks.

Leaving Kino Bay 2015

We departed Kino Bay RV Park at 9:00 on Thursday morning, photo is curtsey of Charlie Boles.  We were leading a group of 5 through Hermosillo on to northbound Rt 15D.   We’ve done this route several times, looking forward to no problems.

Departing KBRV

did I say ‘No Problems’?  That may be a curse!  The 1st toll booth on 15D charges me 85 pesos, as I pulled straight out, the roadway twisted abruptly about 5° to the right which snagged our awning and ruined it.  I said a foul word, move to the right and entered a Pemex fuel station.  There being no help from the Mexicans, our tail gunner, Lynn Waite stopped and helped me tear it off.  Sometime, Poop Happens!









We went about 120 miles north and Boon Docked with about 10 from our group.  My friend Jack was a bit of relief after this day.

We crossed the border on Friday, after 1 hour+ wait. 

Note to our Chapter #8 friends, we were allowed to keep a U.S. sealed package of bacon and ham.  A 1/2 pound of open pork sausage was confiscated.  We disposed of our raw chicken prior to crossing.

We are near Benson at a very nice park, St David’s Resort.  It is an AOR resort, our cost is $11/nite with full hookups.  We are about 6 miles from SKP in Benson, it was full due to Escapade.

Hermosillo Tour 2015

Hermosillo is a large city, about 60 miles west of Kino Bay.  We skirt around it coming and going, it is not friendly to 40’ DSCN0094motor coach’s pulling toads.  We took a modern intercity bus into the city and transferred to ‘trolley’ for the tour.10478239_607719146039745_3902616582713174645_n

Our tour guide we knick-named ‘Juan More’ as when taking pictures, he always wanted One More.  Must remember, this city predates most American Cities.


The Governments Buildings were lavishly decorated with wonderful colorful murals.



Of Course, we finished up with a huge Mexican Feast.


Valentine’s Day Kino Bay Style 2015

Valentine’s Day is all but a State Holiday in our house, I remembered it {Candy}, I hope you did too.

Our big gift was our Annual Meeting of Chapter #8 when our friends  Larry & Orene Brown were elected to replace us as Wagon-Masters for Chapter #8 in absentia {Larry having his cervical spine repaired}.  The railroad train continued as I was elected to President.  Next year the Browns are taking us to Rocky Point, sn, one of our favorite locations.

During our charity distribution we distributed excess of $5,000.  This was proceeds of our auction, raffles, refreshment sales, and donations.  Our rally was about $2,000 under budget, it’s cost was about $35/day.  We took no personal expenses which helped the bottom line.DSCN0076

I found a few minutes in the afternoon to repair the lighting cable to our Toad, I had tripped over it and it was in sad shape!  It was about 80°, a good day to work in the shade.

On Saturday evening, we went to Club DePortivo which hosted a wonderful Valentine’s Day dinner.  It was well attended by their members as well as many of our group.  The dinner was smoked pork ribs, amongst the best I’ve ever bees served.  Chief’s Secret;  He smokes them about 2 hours than moves then into a very slow oven for about 4 hours.



Today we are going to tour the very beautiful church that overlooks our campground.

                 Brian Williams just keeps showing up!


Serendipity Found! 2015

Sometime the stars go into perfect alignment; The result is that serendipity happens for someone.  Too often in our world, this happens and we are too busy to notice it.  Well,  it happened to us yesterday and I am pleased to report it.

Last summer in Connecticut, our special friends Ursula & Dick Kaminsky gave us a large display of Tavern Puzzles to DSCN0836auction off in support of our charitable work in Mexico.  Dick & I worked together when we were in our early 20’s, we’ve been close for a long time.  At the auction our very close friends Charlie & Sue Schaffer won the item.  Caught us in the minute, Charlie doubled his substantial bid because, “It for the Children”.  Yes, it is serendipity when 2 close friends who live 1,500 miles apart join together to support you efforts.

friday the 13th


Why is Friday the 13th declared to be unlucky?  Read here: http://www.latintimes.com/why-friday-13th-unlucky-find-out-what-happened-day-1307-curse-it-bad-luck-138728

We have a large number of pictures and the i=net down here will not support posting them.  I will post on our Google site as possible and give you the link as possible.

270 Miles Trouble Free, Almost 2015

Our caravan trip to Kino Bay was almost without incident.  Almost because one of our Past Presidents seized and destroyed one of the front wheel bearing assemblies in his faithful Suzuki Toad.  He was very pleased that he was very close to Kino Bay, mechanics here will replace with used parts at a very reasonable price. Damaged Bay Door

I was about 200’ from my parking place when a tree stump moved in front of one of my bay doors.  While teaching our girls to drive, I impressed upon them the fact the only an incompetent runs into a stationary object.

BTW: if any of you can find a 48” wide baggage door for a 2004 Bounder, please send me an e-mail.  I’m hoping to fix this before Anne-Marie notices it!

We are disappointed to find out this is not good season, the restaurant’s seem to have plenty.  Anne-Marie likes them with coconut.  I’ve grown very fond of pan fried (Olive Oil & Garlic) octopus.  Cost? About 130 pesos per meal.


1st Post from Mexico 2015

Saying our i-net is shaky in an understatement.  When it is up it is very slow, I’m not sure when I will be able to post this.  Due to this, I will be posting relatively few pictures.

Crossing the border was without any events.  None of our 25 rigs were given much more than a casual inspection after officials reviewed our visas and passports.

We traveled about 80 miles south to San Anna, the Home of Ranch Betinia.  This is a Methodist Day Camp which provides needy Mexicans with a place to relax and enjoy their surrounding and on short vacations, typically 3 days.  The DirectorRanco Betinia 2015 and his family gave us a tour and a fine meal during which his 2 son’s entertained us.

The 7 major stone buildings on the site were built primarily by volunteers, many of whom come from the U.S.A. for a week and stay 3 months!

The Next day we finish our 270 miles travel to Kino Bay.  Our vehicles are stuffed with charitable goods.