Train Wreck! 2015

Train Wrect

The stories of our lives the past 2 weeks have been nothing less than a Train Wreck.

In my last blog, I ended telling you we were in the middle of the desert and our water pump had failed.  Great fun, rush into town {6 miles of bad dirt road}, buy a new pump, come back and install it.  Feel my pain, I was 15 minutes late for our Happy Hour!

We were having intermittent trouble with our invertor.  This is the unit that supplies 110v when we are boondocking.  It wouldn’t shut off causing it to drain our battery bank.  There was a full service facility, Phoenix so we went there on Monday.  We were unable to camp at Wally Mart so we stayed at the Elk’s Lodge in Chandler, AZ.  We lucked out, we had a bum switch connection and were back on the road $96 lighter.

It started to rain, than it poured as we pulled into Pima County Fairground to start our pre rally activities.  I had a good deal of work to do, touching up our Trip Guide, Making Attendee’s Name Labels.  Maybe we would have time to see a few of the local museums?  Did I mention it was raining?

My computer had been acting up, as if it had a bad keyboard.  I got the dreaded ‘Blue Screen of Death’.  It offered to ‘run a diagnostic’, I let it go.  Came back in an hour and it had formatted the hard drive!  Erased all my stuff!  Did I mention it’s pouring out?

I got anew laptop, plugged in my trusty Seagate back-up hard drive.  Nothing!  Mr. Seagate will not play with my Toshiba.  I had to rewrite, rescan and rebuild our whole trip log.  About 30 hours in 3 days.

Pima Flood

Yeah, it still raining.  More Like Pouring!  The field we are to park in for 3 days of training is a mud hole.  I big rig like ours would sink to it’s Axels.

Time for a command decision, this mornig after a tour, I directed the staff to park them on a paved lot.  No electricity or water but it is firm.

Sun came out about 2 hours ago, Brady just got intercepted.  Maybe he’ll relate to my Train Wreck Week!

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