270 Miles Trouble Free, Almost 2015

Our caravan trip to Kino Bay was almost without incident.  Almost because one of our Past Presidents seized and destroyed one of the front wheel bearing assemblies in his faithful Suzuki Toad.  He was very pleased that he was very close to Kino Bay, mechanics here will replace with used parts at a very reasonable price. Damaged Bay Door

I was about 200ā€™ from my parking place when a tree stump moved in front of one of my bay doors.  While teaching our girls to drive, I impressed upon them the fact the only an incompetent runs into a stationary object.

BTW: if any of you can find a 48ā€ wide baggage door for a 2004 Bounder, please send me an e-mail.  Iā€™m hoping to fix this before Anne-Marie notices it!

We are disappointed to find out this is not good season, the restaurant’s seem to have plenty.  Anne-Marie likes them with coconut.  I’ve grown very fond of pan fried (Olive Oil & Garlic) octopus.  Cost? About 130 pesos per meal.


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