Serendipity Found! 2015

Sometime the stars go into perfect alignment; The result is that serendipity happens for someone.  Too often in our world, this happens and we are too busy to notice it.  Well,  it happened to us yesterday and I am pleased to report it.

Last summer in Connecticut, our special friends Ursula & Dick Kaminsky gave us a large display of Tavern Puzzles to DSCN0836auction off in support of our charitable work in Mexico.  Dick & I worked together when we were in our early 20’s, we’ve been close for a long time.  At the auction our very close friends Charlie & Sue Schaffer won the item.  Caught us in the minute, Charlie doubled his substantial bid because, “It for the Children”.  Yes, it is serendipity when 2 close friends who live 1,500 miles apart join together to support you efforts.

friday the 13th


Why is Friday the 13th declared to be unlucky?  Read here:

We have a large number of pictures and the i=net down here will not support posting them.  I will post on our Google site as possible and give you the link as possible.

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