Valentine’s Day Kino Bay Style 2015

Valentine’s Day is all but a State Holiday in our house, I remembered it {Candy}, I hope you did too.

Our big gift was our Annual Meeting of Chapter #8 when our friends  Larry & Orene Brown were elected to replace us as Wagon-Masters for Chapter #8 in absentia {Larry having his cervical spine repaired}.  The railroad train continued as I was elected to President.  Next year the Browns are taking us to Rocky Point, sn, one of our favorite locations.

During our charity distribution we distributed excess of $5,000.  This was proceeds of our auction, raffles, refreshment sales, and donations.  Our rally was about $2,000 under budget, it’s cost was about $35/day.  We took no personal expenses which helped the bottom line.DSCN0076

I found a few minutes in the afternoon to repair the lighting cable to our Toad, I had tripped over it and it was in sad shape!  It was about 80°, a good day to work in the shade.

On Saturday evening, we went to Club DePortivo which hosted a wonderful Valentine’s Day dinner.  It was well attended by their members as well as many of our group.  The dinner was smoked pork ribs, amongst the best I’ve ever bees served.  Chief’s Secret;  He smokes them about 2 hours than moves then into a very slow oven for about 4 hours.



Today we are going to tour the very beautiful church that overlooks our campground.

                 Brian Williams just keeps showing up!


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