Leaving Kino Bay 2015

We departed Kino Bay RV Park at 9:00 on Thursday morning, photo is curtsey of Charlie Boles.  We were leading a group of 5 through Hermosillo on to northbound Rt 15D.   We’ve done this route several times, looking forward to no problems.

Departing KBRV

did I say ‘No Problems’?  That may be a curse!  The 1st toll booth on 15D charges me 85 pesos, as I pulled straight out, the roadway twisted abruptly about 5° to the right which snagged our awning and ruined it.  I said a foul word, move to the right and entered a Pemex fuel station.  There being no help from the Mexicans, our tail gunner, Lynn Waite stopped and helped me tear it off.  Sometime, Poop Happens!









We went about 120 miles north and Boon Docked with about 10 from our group.  My friend Jack was a bit of relief after this day.

We crossed the border on Friday, after 1 hour+ wait. 

Note to our Chapter #8 friends, we were allowed to keep a U.S. sealed package of bacon and ham.  A 1/2 pound of open pork sausage was confiscated.  We disposed of our raw chicken prior to crossing.

We are near Benson at a very nice park, St David’s Resort.  It is an AOR resort, our cost is $11/nite with full hookups.  We are about 6 miles from SKP in Benson, it was full due to Escapade.

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