I D 10 T Damage Control 2015


There’s more than a little truth in this statement.  Due primarily to Driver error on my part we will be several months and more than a few dollars repairing damage’s on our motorhome due to my hitting stationary objects.

We are camped at St. David’s RV Resort, in Benson, AZ.  They are a member of American Outdoor Resorts which we belong to.  We prefer the SKP park here, they are full due to Escapade in Tucson.  There are plenty of activities in this park and the folks are friendly.  having a full service site for $11/night is good too.

Ever notice the ramps on the back of a truck carrying new cars?  There are 2 of them, look like giant cheese graters.





Will the driver who lost one of them o I-10 west bound near Tucson please contact me.  I found it for you.  I almost missed it, it ruined 1 of our toads tires on the way by ;-(  These were new in Connecticut, another $154 down the drain.

Our preferred RV service in the area is Apache RV Service, owned and operated by Greg.  He came out yesterday and together we removed the damaged awning.  The awning was twisted and destroyed by hitting the Mexican toll booth.  Our deductible is $1,000 with GNC Insurance.  I’m thinking damage will be twice that.


We will be going to Escapade on or about 3/6/2015 where we will help our Chapter #8 members who are planning next years rally to Rocky Point.  We will depart Tucson on 3/13 and make a sojourn of 877 miles to Georgetown, Texas for long delayed medical appointments.  We expect to be there 6 weeks.

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