Oh Deer, I have ‘Hitch-up Fever’ 2015

It happens, as nice as Jim Hogg C.O.E. Park is, it’s getting to be time that we want to get on down the road.  I have an appointment today with my Cardiologist, I’m hoping that his Corvette doesn’t need any more work and he cuts me loose for another year. 

DSCN0121DSCN0120I visited Austin Lodge #12 again.  We had a VERY GOOD beef tenderloin (Yes, it was rare for those who wanted it) and the gifted me with this great medallion.  It commentates the Lodge’s 175th Anniversary.  The Lodge was chartered Nov. 7th 1839 in what was than The Republic of Texas.


The mile of approach road goes through a residential area of $700K home, each sitting on about 2 acres.  We’ve seen as many as 26 deer leisurely grazing and napping on the lawns.  Not too many in the campground this visit.  I was told the campground was closed for a week last fall while the herd was ‘thinned’.



Out travel agenda will be announce after we get final Doctor’s release.





Texas Spring 2015

Tucson to Georgetown

The trip from Tucson to Jim Hogg Park in Georgetown, Texas is 850 miles.  About 1/2 is in Rt I-10 which is 80 mph 4 lane highway {I run 68 when towing}.  The other portion is secondary state roads, 2 lanes ay 70mph (I choose to run 58mph).  The wind is usually the major factor slowing me down, fuel mileage is also better!  We’ve made this route many times, we take 3 stops which are about 325 miles apart.  Long Days…

This is what typical 2 lane road looks like out here.  If a car is approaching you with his headlights on, you have a closing speed of 120mph, you have to wait 4 minutes form him to get to you.


We rested, did laundry, shopped and enjoyed the facilities here.  It being spring break weekend {Who at our age knew?}, the campground was almost full.  Nevertheless, we got a great site, they are all ‘good’, they are great when I can connect with our Direct TV !





We made our annual scheduled stop at our Doctor’s Office.  Our original Doctor was ‘Head Hunted’ by Apple Computer, we were sad to loose him.  his partners saw us for the 1st time today and he made a favorable impression.  He cut us loose with the suggestion that our next annual visit should be in less than 14 months.

Next week  visit my Cardio guy, time to ‘fish or cut Bait’.

Before I go, a special hello to my Sister Cathy, she fell on black ice in her driveway and broke a bone in her lower leg.  Of the 3 kids she was the only one that skied, and broke her leg at 70+!


Escapade in Review


Escapade 2015 had it’s Closing Ceremony yesterday.  It was an event that will be hard to top next year when it takes place in Essex Junction, VT.   An Example; Our Donut Deva’s have free coffee and donuts (for a donation) each morning, this year they ere able to contribute $4,600 to CARE.  CARE is our assisted living center in Texas where members who are not able to travel can park their rigs and receive assisted living support.  Our Rally to Kino Bay donated $1,000 to CARE for the 13th year.

We’ve dry camped for the past 7 days which means the we have to ration our supplies of water and electricity as well as monitor our waste storage tanks.  We can usually go 10 days on our 50 gallon water tank, our waste capacity is larger that the so it’s self serving.  Our solar keeps up with our basic needs assuming the sun comes out for 8 hours or so.  Failing that our 7kw Diesel Generator sips fuel as it charges the Battery Bank.

looksGoodtoMe (Medium)What brings this up is I’ve had to ration our i-net usage.  Our 30Gb plan from Verizon is at 29,99Kb now, it will be 3 days before it refreshes.  We pay $200+/month for this service, I refuse to step it up another $75 to 40Gb.  When we retired, we had an ‘unlimited’ plan which was discontinued.  We lived on 12Gb for about 2 years.  Last year our usage started going up at a rapid rate.  We do not watch movies or TV, I do not understand the usage??  I now believe that there are programs running in the backround {Picasa & Google+ do a lot of uploading}.

So, as you live in you S&B {Sticks & Bricks} house, be thank-full for the little conveniences that it affords: Running Water, Electricity, unlimited i-net and the ability to flush at will.


friday the 13th

I’m posting this from a campground in Deming, NM.  Goal tomorrow is Fort Stockton, TX, no clue if their WiFi works.

Escapade Halftime 2015

Today is Wednesday, we are leaving for Texas in 2 days.  Time flies when your having fun!  There are 866 rigs here, about 600 of them are boon docking as we are.


SkyShot 2015












We had our awning replaced, taking advantage of special show pricing.  They do a huge business selling awnings, satellite systems and other expensive equipment.  fierce competition;  We ordered our awning on Saturday, it was delivered {From San Diego!} and installed Sunday morning!  The motor home dealer on site has refreshments and music at his location each evening.

Note:  At no time did I get on the ladder!









We also bought a tire pressure monitoring system.  The keeps tabs on all of the 10 tires with regards to pressure and temperature.  We had a close call a few weeks ago the woke me up to the danger.  The price of the system is less than half the cost of one coach tire.


Not all work and no play.  If you happen to be in the area around 4:00, stop in for some refreshments and a hug!20150309_172520

The Boomers are a cool group, no dues, no meeting and very few rules.

Escapade 2015

We arrived at Pima County Fairground at noon time on Friday after having a tire issue with our  toad.  We arrived with a group of about 15 ‘Boomers’ so we could park together in the “Boondocking Area’.  Boondocking = No power or water, a minor inconvenience to us.

By 4:00pm we were ready for our Altitude Adjustment.  We had about 25 people including old friends and new friends.


On Saturday I declared a holiday.  Anne-Marie went grocery shopping while I enjoyed a day at the drag strip next to the fairground.  It was a very low profile race with mostly ‘hobby class’ cars.  I’ve posted a link to a slide show below if your interested.  The ‘57 Chevy D/Gas car shown was built by the 70 year old owner/driver who told me it was an original model 210, all steel no rust an no cut.  He had all the parts to return it to original.  Yes, he put mufflers on it and drove about 3,000 miles per year going to Cruise Nights.

The other car I liked was a 1958 Chebbie 4 Door Delray Station Wagon.  It had a Blown Big block and was fun to watch, being very quick.


Today we have opening ceremonies and than on to the festivities.

Northeast Relief is On The Way 2015


I hope that our friends and family in the Northeast will take some solace in knowing that their snow is the ‘spring fertilizer’ that will green their lawns and feed their lakes and aquifers.

You are not alone, when I awoke this morning, there was frost on my windshield!  True, it was gone by 6:00am so I didn’t have to scrap it.

Our Mexican Connection companions Larry & Joyce Space were kind enough to send us some photos of our last 2 social events at Kino Bay.  After our rally, they took a ferry to Baja and stayed on the beach for 8 days.

We had a Margareta Party at Club Deportivo featuring great Mexican food, adult beverages and dancing by several local dance troupes.

Gift to Wagon Masters (Medium)IMG_3977 (Medium)IMG_3995 (Medium) 

Left to right;  We were thanked for our efforts, Anne-Marie holds our gift, an ironwood carving, Our dancers.

We historically have ‘pot luck’ on our last day rally, before many of us return to the states.  There is a great deal of food and ‘left-overs’ that we want to use up.  A few of our fishing folks had about 5 pound of fish fillets, we wanted to fry them but didn’t have a proper cooking set-up.

When I asked Club Deportivo if we could borrow some, I was flabbergasted with their response.  I was directed to our bar tenders and told them our problem.  They came back to me and told me that they would be at our dinner and would supply additional fish {3 Gallons of Fillets!} for our group of 45+.  Remember, these are all volunteer workers.  This free dinner ended up being the best of our trip!

Frying the fish (Medium)Final Potluck (Medium)Food line (Medium)

We got good news from Anne-Maries neurosurgeon, whereas she is pain free, she does not have appear for a final release.  This will save us a bit of time.  Tomorrow, we leave St David’s, AZ and go back to Pima County Fairground which is hosting Escapade.

Tombstone, Too Tuff To Kill 2015

Tombstone is about 30 miles south on Benson, 65mph, 2 lane road.  It is most famous for the Gunfight at OK Carrol which is reenacted daily to the joy of visitors.  The group below are not the gun fighters, rather they are the officers of King Solomon Lodge #5, A Territorial Lodge, which indicates that it’s charter was issued by The Grand Lodge of California 134 years ago before Arizona achieved statehood.  Note that the officers wear Frock Coats, they are period correct to the late 1800’s.  With Black slacks and tall cowboy boots they are distinctive and sharp looking.

Siolomon #5 Officers

Prior to the Lodge meeting, we enjoyed a great dinner at Big Nose Kate’s on the main street of Tombstone.  A preserved Bawdy House & Saloon, the beer was cold and the food was spicy.


Dinner completed, we walked to the Lodge about 2 blocks away.  I treated myself to one of their Bolo Ties, I think it’s large size and the memories I have will make it one of my favorites.

20150303_085744I drove home in steady rain which announced a change in weather.  We have high clouds and temperatures forecast in the 60’s.  I can live with that!