Door is Replaced 2015

We are enjoying the mid-70’s weather here in Saint David, AZ.  It would be nice if the wind would slowdown a bit, sometimes its a challenge to find out which site our lawn furniture has migrated to.  ROWater

In most of Arizona the water is almost undrinkable.  R.O. {reverse osmosis} water is vended on street corners, the cost is about $.50 per 5 gallon container.  It was a pleasant surprise to find out that the water at this campground is from deep springs that must have a direct connection to those in New England.  In a word; wonderful.

The new {used] door replacing the one I crunched arrived from Kentucky on Saturday.  It came off a ‘Discovery’, making it the wrong color.  That is not a big issue as our coach is in desperate need of painting on it’s lower areas.  It arrived crated.  Having no crowbar, I spent about 1/2 hour pulling huge staples with a screw driver and pliers.

I read on the i-net how simple it was to R&R the door:  Remove 4 screws, Open the door 180° up and lift it off.  Yeah, the Easter Bunny will be by shortly to help you!  The screws came right out.  The door was warped causing the 48” hinge section to refuse to disengage.  I had to hold the door at 90° and hammer and chisel the full length of the hinge to cut it off.  24 hours later my right arm is still unhappy with me.  The 2 long strips in this photo are the hinge parts I cut off.



Friends put this picture of a ‘Crested Saguaro Cactus’ on Face Book.   They have a  1/200,000 chance of growing this way.  The cause of mutation is unknown, may be a lightening strike.Crested Sagaruo

On Friday, we will be moving to Tucson where we will attend and take part in the Escapade with The Mexican Connection.


Stay tuned


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