Tombstone, Too Tuff To Kill 2015

Tombstone is about 30 miles south on Benson, 65mph, 2 lane road.  It is most famous for the Gunfight at OK Carrol which is reenacted daily to the joy of visitors.  The group below are not the gun fighters, rather they are the officers of King Solomon Lodge #5, A Territorial Lodge, which indicates that it’s charter was issued by The Grand Lodge of California 134 years ago before Arizona achieved statehood.  Note that the officers wear Frock Coats, they are period correct to the late 1800’s.  With Black slacks and tall cowboy boots they are distinctive and sharp looking.

Siolomon #5 Officers

Prior to the Lodge meeting, we enjoyed a great dinner at Big Nose Kate’s on the main street of Tombstone.  A preserved Bawdy House & Saloon, the beer was cold and the food was spicy.


Dinner completed, we walked to the Lodge about 2 blocks away.  I treated myself to one of their Bolo Ties, I think it’s large size and the memories I have will make it one of my favorites.

20150303_085744I drove home in steady rain which announced a change in weather.  We have high clouds and temperatures forecast in the 60’s.  I can live with that!

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