Northeast Relief is On The Way 2015


I hope that our friends and family in the Northeast will take some solace in knowing that their snow is the ‘spring fertilizer’ that will green their lawns and feed their lakes and aquifers.

You are not alone, when I awoke this morning, there was frost on my windshield!  True, it was gone by 6:00am so I didn’t have to scrap it.

Our Mexican Connection companions Larry & Joyce Space were kind enough to send us some photos of our last 2 social events at Kino Bay.  After our rally, they took a ferry to Baja and stayed on the beach for 8 days.

We had a Margareta Party at Club Deportivo featuring great Mexican food, adult beverages and dancing by several local dance troupes.

Gift to Wagon Masters (Medium)IMG_3977 (Medium)IMG_3995 (Medium) 

Left to right;  We were thanked for our efforts, Anne-Marie holds our gift, an ironwood carving, Our dancers.

We historically have ‘pot luck’ on our last day rally, before many of us return to the states.  There is a great deal of food and ‘left-overs’ that we want to use up.  A few of our fishing folks had about 5 pound of fish fillets, we wanted to fry them but didn’t have a proper cooking set-up.

When I asked Club Deportivo if we could borrow some, I was flabbergasted with their response.  I was directed to our bar tenders and told them our problem.  They came back to me and told me that they would be at our dinner and would supply additional fish {3 Gallons of Fillets!} for our group of 45+.  Remember, these are all volunteer workers.  This free dinner ended up being the best of our trip!

Frying the fish (Medium)Final Potluck (Medium)Food line (Medium)

We got good news from Anne-Maries neurosurgeon, whereas she is pain free, she does not have appear for a final release.  This will save us a bit of time.  Tomorrow, we leave St David’s, AZ and go back to Pima County Fairground which is hosting Escapade.

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