Escapade Halftime 2015

Today is Wednesday, we are leaving for Texas in 2 days.  Time flies when your having fun!  There are 866 rigs here, about 600 of them are boon docking as we are.


SkyShot 2015












We had our awning replaced, taking advantage of special show pricing.  They do a huge business selling awnings, satellite systems and other expensive equipment.  fierce competition;  We ordered our awning on Saturday, it was delivered {From San Diego!} and installed Sunday morning!  The motor home dealer on site has refreshments and music at his location each evening.

Note:  At no time did I get on the ladder!









We also bought a tire pressure monitoring system.  The keeps tabs on all of the 10 tires with regards to pressure and temperature.  We had a close call a few weeks ago the woke me up to the danger.  The price of the system is less than half the cost of one coach tire.


Not all work and no play.  If you happen to be in the area around 4:00, stop in for some refreshments and a hug!20150309_172520

The Boomers are a cool group, no dues, no meeting and very few rules.

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