Escapade in Review


Escapade 2015 had it’s Closing Ceremony yesterday.  It was an event that will be hard to top next year when it takes place in Essex Junction, VT.   An Example; Our Donut Deva’s have free coffee and donuts (for a donation) each morning, this year they ere able to contribute $4,600 to CARE.  CARE is our assisted living center in Texas where members who are not able to travel can park their rigs and receive assisted living support.  Our Rally to Kino Bay donated $1,000 to CARE for the 13th year.

We’ve dry camped for the past 7 days which means the we have to ration our supplies of water and electricity as well as monitor our waste storage tanks.  We can usually go 10 days on our 50 gallon water tank, our waste capacity is larger that the so it’s self serving.  Our solar keeps up with our basic needs assuming the sun comes out for 8 hours or so.  Failing that our 7kw Diesel Generator sips fuel as it charges the Battery Bank.

looksGoodtoMe (Medium)What brings this up is I’ve had to ration our i-net usage.  Our 30Gb plan from Verizon is at 29,99Kb now, it will be 3 days before it refreshes.  We pay $200+/month for this service, I refuse to step it up another $75 to 40Gb.  When we retired, we had an ‘unlimited’ plan which was discontinued.  We lived on 12Gb for about 2 years.  Last year our usage started going up at a rapid rate.  We do not watch movies or TV, I do not understand the usage??  I now believe that there are programs running in the backround {Picasa & Google+ do a lot of uploading}.

So, as you live in you S&B {Sticks & Bricks} house, be thank-full for the little conveniences that it affords: Running Water, Electricity, unlimited i-net and the ability to flush at will.


friday the 13th

I’m posting this from a campground in Deming, NM.  Goal tomorrow is Fort Stockton, TX, no clue if their WiFi works.

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