Texas Spring 2015

Tucson to Georgetown

The trip from Tucson to Jim Hogg Park in Georgetown, Texas is 850 miles.  About 1/2 is in Rt I-10 which is 80 mph 4 lane highway {I run 68 when towing}.  The other portion is secondary state roads, 2 lanes ay 70mph (I choose to run 58mph).  The wind is usually the major factor slowing me down, fuel mileage is also better!  We’ve made this route many times, we take 3 stops which are about 325 miles apart.  Long Days…

This is what typical 2 lane road looks like out here.  If a car is approaching you with his headlights on, you have a closing speed of 120mph, you have to wait 4 minutes form him to get to you.


We rested, did laundry, shopped and enjoyed the facilities here.  It being spring break weekend {Who at our age knew?}, the campground was almost full.  Nevertheless, we got a great site, they are all ‘good’, they are great when I can connect with our Direct TV !





We made our annual scheduled stop at our Doctor’s Office.  Our original Doctor was ‘Head Hunted’ by Apple Computer, we were sad to loose him.  his partners saw us for the 1st time today and he made a favorable impression.  He cut us loose with the suggestion that our next annual visit should be in less than 14 months.

Next week  visit my Cardio guy, time to ‘fish or cut Bait’.

Before I go, a special hello to my Sister Cathy, she fell on black ice in her driveway and broke a bone in her lower leg.  Of the 3 kids she was the only one that skied, and broke her leg at 70+!


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