Oh Deer, I have ‘Hitch-up Fever’ 2015

It happens, as nice as Jim Hogg C.O.E. Park is, it’s getting to be time that we want to get on down the road.  I have an appointment today with my Cardiologist, I’m hoping that his Corvette doesn’t need any more work and he cuts me loose for another year. 

DSCN0121DSCN0120I visited Austin Lodge #12 again.  We had a VERY GOOD beef tenderloin (Yes, it was rare for those who wanted it) and the gifted me with this great medallion.  It commentates the Lodge’s 175th Anniversary.  The Lodge was chartered Nov. 7th 1839 in what was than The Republic of Texas.


The mile of approach road goes through a residential area of $700K home, each sitting on about 2 acres.  We’ve seen as many as 26 deer leisurely grazing and napping on the lawns.  Not too many in the campground this visit.  I was told the campground was closed for a week last fall while the herd was ‘thinned’.



Out travel agenda will be announce after we get final Doctor’s release.





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