East Bound Spring of 2015

As promised, we are headed east from Texas until we get to the western Florida border when we will go south into the Naples area.  On route we will us a lot of the RV spots open to us as members of The Elks Lodges.  They ask for reasonable donations and are in general safe spots. Below is a map of our travels from Beaumont, TX to Slidell, LA.


Beaumont is most famous as the location of the first oil strike at the turn of the century.  It is still producing and there are huge refinery’s in the area.  There was one across the road from the Elk’s Lodge we stayed in.  The occasional train didn’t bother us, adjacent to the Lodge there was a business that manufactured pallets, when they started at 8:00am it was a real, wake-up call!


We spend a day seeing local sites, Nederland was home to Tex Ritter.  It was settled in 1897 by Dutch Immigrants who were drawn the by opportunities from the shipping and RR business. .DSCN0956

We went about 30 miles South to Port Arthur which had a ‘DO NOT MISS’ Museum.  Housed in a modern building there were well presented displays of local celebrities, businesses, sports notaries, sports icons and more.

Janice Jopplin nevr did get a Mercedes Benz.  This is a replica of her 1965 Porsche Sport Roadster.  The Original is in Smithsonian


Do you remember ‘The Day the Music Died?  I do, ‘drove my Chevy to the levee….


We repositioned to Slidell, LA, 238 miles of flat road interrupted only by our crossing The Mississippi River In Baton Rouge. 


Now, for a few days in The Big Easy……

Waiting in Place 2015

You may note that we’re a little blue right now.  In short, we’ve had a bad series of unfortunate events that while they do not cause undo upset they are meddling in our plans.

I’m still taking lots of meds as my body fights off my bronchitis’s.

We have several nonfunctioning systems on our coach that need attention sooner or later.  I want sooner as they will not cure themselves if we go back on the road.   Minor items: Front A/C needs to be removed and resealed as it leaks when raining.  HVAC thermostat is malfunctioning, a $200 that controls all our A/C & Heat.  Major Items:  Propane leak ?  May be the regulator, I have no way to test it.  Main Slide is sluggish, Bad motor?

Coach-Net is our ESP {Emergency Service Provider}.  They have been frustrated by the fact that there seems to be very few RV repair folks in the area.  Several of them have accepted the job and than not shown up??  It’s now Thursday, my best hope is to be back on the road on Tuesday considering parts will need to be ordered and installed.  Hoping for ‘instant service’ is not productive as it will just add to my frustration level.

We are 70 miles north of Houston where there is a fuel meet this weekend.  Rain showers are forecast, I’ll stay home and watch on TV ;-(

That being the case, we have canceled our trip to the FMCA rally in Shreveport, LA.  When we get moving again we will head to the Elk’s Club in Swindell, LA which is 20 miles outside ‘The Big Easy’.







‘Home’ in Livingston – 2015


Excellent planning would be to have medical and/or mechanical difficulties when you are in a familiar location.  Well, we have both issues which will cause our 3 day stay to stretch out some.

I’ve had a return of bronchitis {or what ever they are calling ‘walking pneumonia’ now}.  After a few days of suffering, I retreated to an ‘Urgent Care’ facility which ended up with a shot in the butt and 4 prescriptions.  After 3 days if this cocktail, I am feeling much better.

Look closely at the picture above an you will notice our spare #60 propane bottle is set up near the rear wheel.  our main tank somehow emptied itself, I suspect a bad regulator.  Our new service provider {Coach-Net is sending a repairman out to fix it tomorrow.  We are allowed to group a bunch of items together so I’ve got a short list for him.

Happy to report that we are eating well.  A local treat for us is to Florida’s Kitchen where catfish and BBQ rule the day.  I am enthralled by their Country Fried Steak!

Larson Hail

You may have heard of vile wind & rain in Houston.  Our friends The Larson’s posted this picture of marble sized hail last night on FB.  We are 70 miles north, no hail here but the wind & rain got our attention at about 9:00pm.

We have a carpet cleaner coming to remove ore desert dirt from the new floors, after that we hope to continue the Shreveport, LA for a small F.M.C. A. rally.  A new part of the country for us…

Keep following us, if we get lost you may have to rescue us!

Pete & Anne- Marie

Houston to Livingston 2015

On Saturday we visited the Johnson Space Center in Houston.  It was a 6 hour task with displays for all ages plus a 90 minute tram ride.  The latest addition is the Space Shuttle Independence along with the 747 that is used to move it around the country.


It’s hard to describe the size of the Saturn 5 Launch Vehicle.  The display below was built to protect this remainig example from the sometimes harsh Texas climate.


There was also some light hearted displays, the collage of Albert Einstein is made up of toast! 


On Tuesday we move about 90 miles North to Livingston.  Weather was rain and promises to continue for a few days.

We Visit Saint Arnold’s 2015

We made a trip into Houston Visitor’s Center, it was informative giving us local information and a chance to pick-up a few souvenirs.  Anne-Marie was impressed with the trees growing in the park across the street.  Notice how their roots seem to flow over the brick walk way.


A display by the Saint Arnold’s Brewery caught Anne-Marie’s eye.  It looked funky and served lunch, it was 11:45.  Need I say more?  We drove to an industrial neighborhood for a serving of Serendipity.


On the second floor of the brewery, there was a rather surreal bar and dining area.  my Dad would be so proud Smile.


On the walls there were depictions [about 15’ square]of the beer production process as overseen by Saint Arnold.




Food:  Very Good!  Santo Beer was just to my taste.  If in Houston, put this on you list.

Yes, there was a gift shop too.


Houston, We Have a Problem! 2015

We departed Jim Hogg C.O.E. campground as scheduled on Tuesday morning.  While I dumped the holding tanks, Anne-Marie played in the Blue Bells.  This time of the year there are huge fields of these on the roadside.


About 2 mile down the road I had a yellow ‘Check Engine’ light come on.  I pulled into Wally Marts parking lot and called Coach-Net, our warrantee provider.  In a few minutes an experienced technician returned my call.  He advised me that a yellow light is a preliminary warning and that we could continue on a way, it would probably go our as the system reboots itself. 

It was soon noon time, we stopped for lunch in Elgin, Texas home of The South Side Market.  BBQ and Sausage is what they do, and they do it very well.  We split a stuffed Baked Potato and a Wonderful Jalapeno Pepper, Stuffed with Cheese, Imbedded in Sausage and Wrapped with Thick Sliced Bacon.  Can I get an Amen Smile.


We parked at The Huston Elk’s Lodge on a 50a 3-way site.  A local Mechanic told me to change my fuel filter, to fix my yellow warning light.


Wednesday we joined Carl & Donna Larson for dinner, we hope to see them on Saturday when we tour the Johnson Space Center.

Holy Week–Georgetown, TX 2015

I have received good news from my health providers, my heart function appears to be similar as it has been for the last 3 years.  We will continue our travels to south Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and the west coast of Florida over the next few months.DSCN0156











We started Holy week at Christ Church with a Shrimp Boil.  Boiled Shrimp, sausage, new potatoes and corn.  Served family style with desert and beverage.  All this for $12, not going to walk away from that!

A new event for us was the Agape Feast held on Maundy Thursday in remembrance of The Last Supper.  ‘Our’ Texas Church’s 20150402_175428fellowship hall was converted into a setting for 200 people who partook in the feast.  Food were similar to the period, fruits, date, nuts, figs, chopped chicken and lamb.  Served ‘family style’, we had to eat with our fingers, drinking wine (or fruit juice).  The children and adult choirs preformed, everyone is asked to help!








After the meal, we celebrated the Eucharist,passing the bread and wines around the table.






There was a small car show in town, I fell in love with a beautious steel Ford Roadster with an early 50’s Caddy engine.  attn: Mike Schidel, It would be almost as cool if it had a Full Race Flathead!


Anne-Marie was partial to and early VW bus with camper conversion.


Happy Easter, He Has Risen!