Holy Week–Georgetown, TX 2015

I have received good news from my health providers, my heart function appears to be similar as it has been for the last 3 years.  We will continue our travels to south Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and the west coast of Florida over the next few months.DSCN0156











We started Holy week at Christ Church with a Shrimp Boil.  Boiled Shrimp, sausage, new potatoes and corn.  Served family style with desert and beverage.  All this for $12, not going to walk away from that!

A new event for us was the Agape Feast held on Maundy Thursday in remembrance of The Last Supper.  ‘Our’ Texas Church’s 20150402_175428fellowship hall was converted into a setting for 200 people who partook in the feast.  Food were similar to the period, fruits, date, nuts, figs, chopped chicken and lamb.  Served ‘family style’, we had to eat with our fingers, drinking wine (or fruit juice).  The children and adult choirs preformed, everyone is asked to help!








After the meal, we celebrated the Eucharist,passing the bread and wines around the table.






There was a small car show in town, I fell in love with a beautious steel Ford Roadster with an early 50’s Caddy engine.  attn: Mike Schidel, It would be almost as cool if it had a Full Race Flathead!


Anne-Marie was partial to and early VW bus with camper conversion.


Happy Easter, He Has Risen!

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