Houston, We Have a Problem! 2015

We departed Jim Hogg C.O.E. campground as scheduled on Tuesday morning.  While I dumped the holding tanks, Anne-Marie played in the Blue Bells.  This time of the year there are huge fields of these on the roadside.


About 2 mile down the road I had a yellow ‘Check Engine’ light come on.  I pulled into Wally Marts parking lot and called Coach-Net, our warrantee provider.  In a few minutes an experienced technician returned my call.  He advised me that a yellow light is a preliminary warning and that we could continue on a way, it would probably go our as the system reboots itself. 

It was soon noon time, we stopped for lunch in Elgin, Texas home of The South Side Market.  BBQ and Sausage is what they do, and they do it very well.  We split a stuffed Baked Potato and a Wonderful Jalapeno Pepper, Stuffed with Cheese, Imbedded in Sausage and Wrapped with Thick Sliced Bacon.  Can I get an Amen Smile.


We parked at The Huston Elk’s Lodge on a 50a 3-way site.  A local Mechanic told me to change my fuel filter, to fix my yellow warning light.


Wednesday we joined Carl & Donna Larson for dinner, we hope to see them on Saturday when we tour the Johnson Space Center.

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