We Visit Saint Arnold’s 2015

We made a trip into Houston Visitor’s Center, it was informative giving us local information and a chance to pick-up a few souvenirs.  Anne-Marie was impressed with the trees growing in the park across the street.  Notice how their roots seem to flow over the brick walk way.


A display by the Saint Arnold’s Brewery caught Anne-Marie’s eye.  It looked funky and served lunch, it was 11:45.  Need I say more?  We drove to an industrial neighborhood for a serving of Serendipity.


On the second floor of the brewery, there was a rather surreal bar and dining area.  my Dad would be so proud Smile.


On the walls there were depictions [about 15’ square]of the beer production process as overseen by Saint Arnold.




Food:  Very Good!  Santo Beer was just to my taste.  If in Houston, put this on you list.

Yes, there was a gift shop too.


3 thoughts on “We Visit Saint Arnold’s 2015

  1. I enjoy your blog, it makes me feel as if I am seeing the country! Keep up the great postings. We are headed to Pinehurst, N.C. Next Wednesday after Grand Lodge annual communication. We have bought a townhouse and need to furnish it. Future plans an a couple of years is to be a snow bird.
    Christiana Dean

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