‘Home’ in Livingston – 2015


Excellent planning would be to have medical and/or mechanical difficulties when you are in a familiar location.  Well, we have both issues which will cause our 3 day stay to stretch out some.

I’ve had a return of bronchitis {or what ever they are calling ‘walking pneumonia’ now}.  After a few days of suffering, I retreated to an ‘Urgent Care’ facility which ended up with a shot in the butt and 4 prescriptions.  After 3 days if this cocktail, I am feeling much better.

Look closely at the picture above an you will notice our spare #60 propane bottle is set up near the rear wheel.  our main tank somehow emptied itself, I suspect a bad regulator.  Our new service provider {Coach-Net is sending a repairman out to fix it tomorrow.  We are allowed to group a bunch of items together so I’ve got a short list for him.

Happy to report that we are eating well.  A local treat for us is to Florida’s Kitchen where catfish and BBQ rule the day.  I am enthralled by their Country Fried Steak!

Larson Hail

You may have heard of vile wind & rain in Houston.  Our friends The Larson’s posted this picture of marble sized hail last night on FB.  We are 70 miles north, no hail here but the wind & rain got our attention at about 9:00pm.

We have a carpet cleaner coming to remove ore desert dirt from the new floors, after that we hope to continue the Shreveport, LA for a small F.M.C. A. rally.  A new part of the country for us…

Keep following us, if we get lost you may have to rescue us!

Pete & Anne- Marie

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