Waiting in Place 2015

You may note that we’re a little blue right now.  In short, we’ve had a bad series of unfortunate events that while they do not cause undo upset they are meddling in our plans.

I’m still taking lots of meds as my body fights off my bronchitis’s.

We have several nonfunctioning systems on our coach that need attention sooner or later.  I want sooner as they will not cure themselves if we go back on the road.   Minor items: Front A/C needs to be removed and resealed as it leaks when raining.  HVAC thermostat is malfunctioning, a $200 that controls all our A/C & Heat.  Major Items:  Propane leak ?  May be the regulator, I have no way to test it.  Main Slide is sluggish, Bad motor?

Coach-Net is our ESP {Emergency Service Provider}.  They have been frustrated by the fact that there seems to be very few RV repair folks in the area.  Several of them have accepted the job and than not shown up??  It’s now Thursday, my best hope is to be back on the road on Tuesday considering parts will need to be ordered and installed.  Hoping for ‘instant service’ is not productive as it will just add to my frustration level.

We are 70 miles north of Houston where there is a fuel meet this weekend.  Rain showers are forecast, I’ll stay home and watch on TV ;-(

That being the case, we have canceled our trip to the FMCA rally in Shreveport, LA.  When we get moving again we will head to the Elk’s Club in Swindell, LA which is 20 miles outside ‘The Big Easy’.







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