East Bound Spring of 2015

As promised, we are headed east from Texas until we get to the western Florida border when we will go south into the Naples area.  On route we will us a lot of the RV spots open to us as members of The Elks Lodges.  They ask for reasonable donations and are in general safe spots. Below is a map of our travels from Beaumont, TX to Slidell, LA.


Beaumont is most famous as the location of the first oil strike at the turn of the century.  It is still producing and there are huge refinery’s in the area.  There was one across the road from the Elk’s Lodge we stayed in.  The occasional train didn’t bother us, adjacent to the Lodge there was a business that manufactured pallets, when they started at 8:00am it was a real, wake-up call!


We spend a day seeing local sites, Nederland was home to Tex Ritter.  It was settled in 1897 by Dutch Immigrants who were drawn the by opportunities from the shipping and RR business. .DSCN0956

We went about 30 miles South to Port Arthur which had a ‘DO NOT MISS’ Museum.  Housed in a modern building there were well presented displays of local celebrities, businesses, sports notaries, sports icons and more.

Janice Jopplin nevr did get a Mercedes Benz.  This is a replica of her 1965 Porsche Sport Roadster.  The Original is in Smithsonian


Do you remember ‘The Day the Music Died?  I do, ‘drove my Chevy to the levee….


We repositioned to Slidell, LA, 238 miles of flat road interrupted only by our crossing The Mississippi River In Baton Rouge. 


Now, for a few days in The Big Easy……

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