Naw’lens Day #1 – 2015

DSCN0979 We spent 3 days on the Jump-on & Jump Off tour buses, usually on the upper deck in the shade where to 80° temperature  with a gentle breeze were just fine.  The 3 ancient cemeteries are now closed and require a hired tour guide to get in.  $40 was too stiff for this Yankee, $10 won us an invitation to join the group off a horse drawn Surry.  This cemetery was predominantly Catholic with the addition of a Voodoo Queen, the White Pyramid is reserved for Nickolas Cage, some mausoleums are less than 50 years old. DSCN1010DSCN1011DSCN1013 The cemeteries are not huge, about a city block.  The ‘tenants’ only have a lease of 1 year and a day, after that time the tomb is opened, casket removed and the bones pushed to the rear of the opening with a 10 foot rake device. Hence: I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole! DSCN0999 Below are some random shots of the antebellum homes in the area, many are open for tours or have been renovated to make modern rental units.  note to “Southern Live Oaks” which canopy many of the streets, providing much needed shade.  Look closely and you can see that they are draped with beads, colorful debris from the 40+ parades that are everyone’s joyous celebration of Mardi-Gras.  


The ‘Dueling Oaks’ also provided a favorite place for dueling as required to settle disputes of honor amongst gentlemen.

Tomorrow, we hope to visit this Museum.

DSCN1015 - DSCN1016

Tomorrow, The Museum of The Confederacy, unique architecture to say the least!

One thought on “Naw’lens Day #1 – 2015

  1. CHarlie says:

    One of my favorite cities for the music & joints. Like the ambience & the food. Sue not so much…
    We will be in Nob City by tomorrow with all the family. Stay healthy & our love to AM. Charlie & Sue

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