Plans Cast in Jello, Again 2015


I’ve said it many times, our plans are cast in Jello.  Last at a meeting of top management, she decided that we were going to take a cruise on out 50th Anniversary which takes place on 5/17/2015.

We leave New Orleans are today and travel to Alabama to stay at the Rainbow Plantation, an SKP park in Summerdale, AL.  We will stay about 3 days.  Our next stop will be an extended stay at The Masonic Campground in Wimauma, Florida.  OK, put your map away, this is near Tampa, FL.  We will leave our coach there and drive our toad to Miami where we will depart on a 7 day cruise.

Yesterday Anne-Marie got her ‘Puppy-Fix’ when a new couple came into the Elk’s RV Park and shared their cookie eating puppy.


We visited the impressive WW II Museum(s) a few days ago.  Huge with many impressive displays, it required 2 days to cover it all.  It was an honor the thank one of the hero’s from my Parent’s generation.  In his 90’s, he served in the South Pacific.


The walking tours went down long winding corridors which had subdued lighting for dramatic effect, no flash photo could be taken.  The restored aircraft had great lighting.  They must have built the building around that huge 4 engine bomber!


The Mardi Gras studio & storage barn was a trip into Fantasy Land.  The refurbish each float (owned & supported by private ‘Crews’) with a theme agreed on by the parade committee.


This is a very good city to visit, reasonable traffic flow, lots of attractions, did I mention that a parade may spring up when you least expect it?


There is no shortage of world class food and music!


Bragging is done, time to hit the road!



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