Rainbow Plantation SKP Park – 2015


We have a wonderful site at Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale, AL.  It has 3 way hook-ups with great Escapee folks all about us.  We are about 12 miles from shopping and all services, this is important as we are prepping for our upcoming Cruise.  Our practice when traveling away from the coach is to go to Goodwill and buy required luggage, when we return form our trip we re-donate the luggage, it works for us as we have no storage for empty luggage



We did find a Lambert’s Café which a famous for large & GOOD meals as well as ‘Throwed Rolls.  Anne-Marie had a chicken pot pie that weighed about a pound, seemed to be solid white meat chicken.  She had dinner with the left-overs.

Today will be visiting  huge Flea Markets that are about 8 miles down the road.  Tomorrow we go back on the road. This is something I like to do on Sunday, we are in a bit of a time crunch.  I hope to stop for one night at The Elk’s in Tallahassee while on route to our final spot at Masonic Campground in Florida.

We are parking our Toad at the Port of Miami during our Cruise, if you have experience doing this please contact us. 

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