Busy on Mother’s Day here 2015

We have a fairly aggressive schedule over the next several days.  We travel to the Elk’s Lodge in Tallahassee, FL (about 250 miles).  After that we go about 300 miles to Florida’s Masonic Campground where we will park the coach for about 3 weeks.Ribs

Last night I cooked ribs on our new ‘Grill Mat’.  It’s hard to cook ribs (or Chicken) over  direct heat as the flare up and burn.  This silicone mat works great for those hard to cook items, an its almost self cleaning!




A sure sign of summer is when Anne-Marie get her annual Rainbow pedicure.  Make her happy so I Luv it too!

Summer Toes

Kudos to Hartford Evergreen Lodge #88, This was my Dad’s Lodge and I am a Past Master there.  Being a Secret Organization, the great works that we do are not well publicized.   We give about $5,000 per year in scholarships as well other programs that assist to folks in and around South Windsor.  Last week they announced that they have partnered with the South Windsor police Department by donation about $13,000 to fund personnel cameras for our hard working Police.  If you live in the area, please keep and eye on local newspapers for the announcement and inform me when published.


Stay Tuned…..

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