92° in Florida, we are cool! 2015


We’ve been at The Masonic Park & Youth Camp in Florida for 3 days.  Catching up with cruise plans, we leave on Saturday.

One important think we will do is make sure our Kindles are loaded with good reads.  My eclectic reading choices revolve around murder mysteries and military history.   I’ve just finished Lincoln’s Admiral: The Civil War Campaigns of David Farragut.  This is a very readable account of Farragut’s heroic actions during a dark time of our countries’ history, I highly recommend it.


Our site at the campground has 2&1/2 way hookups.  We can dump gray water but, sewage is pumped weekly per an agreement with Florida E.P.A.  It is very inexpensive, has a gated entrance, every thing we need!


The item I’ve post below was submitted by our Son-in-Law Greg with regards to his success getting our Grand Daughter’s VW Jetta’s rusty fender repaired at to cost.  Good Job Greg!

We just picked up Amelia’s Jetta from the body shop because it had a rusty front fender, and I want to thank several sources. #1, thanks Gene Langan Volkswagen Glastonbury for getting the authorization from VWoA to replace a rusty front fender on a 10 year old car at no charge. #2, thanks VW of America for standing behind your product. And #3, a big thanks to Airport Road Auto Body in Hartford for doing a superb job on replacing the fender, matching the paint, replacing our pinstripe, and completely detailing the car inside and out–AND providing a nice gift bag as a thank you. You guys rock!

This is Amelia (the youngest of my 6 Ladies) with her other ride, a ‘63 VW Bug masquerading as the world famous Herbie.  Taken last year at her HS graduation, she now is studying at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.   Interesting how our life cycles repeat, 50 years ago there were about 6 Beatles in our family.

Amelia & Herbie 2014

An Artisans Show in Alabama



A reminder, this may be my last post before we leave for our cruise.  I will not be bringing my notebook as i-net is very expensive on the ship.  I will be able to access e-mail and will try to do the daily.

Directly after the cruise we will stay with the Maier’s in Venice, FL for a few days or when they tire of us.



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