Pirate’s of The Caribbean 2015


If you are reading this, thank McDonalds.  You see our 30gb Verizon Plan went to –o- on Friday and it doesn’t refresh until Sunday when we are hopefully at sea.  I will post this from local McDonald’s while I have breakfast on Saturday.  We usually spend some of our time at campgrounds with ‘free’ WiFi, not so this month.  Don’t get too uppity about you unlimited WiFi and ‘free’ library cards, we have ‘free’ solar power that only cost us $2,500.

If anyone out there knows how to change the default font on M/S Windows Live Writer, please send me an e-mail on the subject.

This Campground also serves as a summer camp and horse facility.  Today, a group od Boy Scouts came in for the weekend.  There could be no better use for our dues!



FrogsI’ve made lunch reservations at Senor Frogs  (A.K.A. Carlos & Charlies) in Cozumel to meet one of our unnamed blog readers.  Unnamed because she notified me yesterday she meant to tell us she was going to Cancun!  I hope she and her sister get there and have a doss of Misadventure while the are still ‘chicks’.

When we land in Miami on the 23rd, we will run up North to Fort Lauderdale.  There we hope to see our long time friend Ruthann Flaum who lives there close to her daughter Polly Ziper.  On the 24th we will go to the west coast and visit with The Maier’s, until they toss us out.


Until we meet again….

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