50 Years, Mom said it wouldn’t last!

Well, she didn’t get that right!   We made it!  We feel pretty good about our Family, Friends, Careers,  and the last 4 years that we have been able to travel the country as a team enjoying great experiences of Serendipity.  OK, we did not need the Mexican Toll Booth!


BreezeStuffWe’ve just returned from our Caribbean Cruise on the Carnival Ship ‘Breeze’  At 128,000 tons and 1,000 it is by far the largest cruise ship we have been on.  I was skeptical about the quality of service, food and amenities when we booked the trip.  I need not have worried, it gets 8 stars, they feed and move people with the efficiency of Disney World on steroids. 

A prime example would be that we walked from our cabin, thru USA customs and into our transfer bus in Miami in 30 minutes.  OK, we helped by wheeling our own luggage.


Thank-you to Kelly & Greg, they had our suite decorated, a plate of cookies & sweets delivered and a Cake delivered to our dining table.  Married 50 years and we were awarded bunk beds, what’s up with that?  Calm down Peter, it’s a Murphy Bed which the steward stowed in about 30 seconds


Thinking that the 30+ girls would need a treat, I even went into the pool.  Notice how the deck chairs flanking me were empty; oh well I had my Kindle!



On our return, we visited Polly Zieper & family.  Her mother Ruth-Ann Flaum at 84 is surprisingly spy and witty.  She and her Departed husband were neighbors in Bloomfield where their girls and our were best friends.  We commonly took the 4 young ladies on camping weekends in our little nimrod tent camper .

We are now visiting Anne-Marie’s brother Richard and his wife Jean Maier, It been too long…..

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