Macon to Chattanooga 2015

We ran 399 miles from Tampa to Macon, GA where we stayed at the Shine Temple which has a 100+ campground, full hook-up, quiet and very nice.


We slept in and left the Shrine at about 10:00am.  Our goal was to stay at The Elk’s Lodge in Chattanooga.  This didn’t work out because they didn’t have proper electric to run even 1 of our air conditioners.  We ran another 50 miles for a total of 250 miles.

Tennessee Country Campground was all his and modest to say the least, it did get us off the road for the night!  A sigficant rain storm hit the area just before we arrived.  Lots of foliage down, their small crew was working to clear it.


Frustration of the week is that we still have a propane leak which vented off $57 worth of propane, have to find a competent shop tomorrow.

We have 300+ miles to go in 3 days, should be no problem, He Said!

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