Gas Problem Corrected! 2015

We’ve ‘lost’ 3 tanks of propane in the last 2 weeks, at a cost of about $60 per fill-up.  This is frustrating because we have had this ‘fixed’  3 times buy folks that seemed competent.  We last filled the tank in Chattanooga and it was empty 24 hours later.  Try, Try again….

Steve Moore’s RV is one of those little places on the side of the road where the owner does most of the work and has HIS name on the door.  Located in Oak Ridge, TN came highly recommended by Mr. Google.  He knew this would be a tuff case from the start, after spending 2 hours checking the system, he came up 100% leak free.  There was one hose he dreaded to change, it is 1” diameter and about 20’ long.  Steve has changed several of them.  It snaked from the rear of the rig, thru frame rails, around the transmission & differential.  It could not be pressure tested, it would cost about $80 to fabricate in Knoxville (about an hour away}, it was my call.2of3

Only two of the three folks in this picture is working.  The supervision is being supplied by our fiscal manager.  She is tired of throwing away gas.

As soon as the hose was removed, we were disappointed to find no evidence of damage on the fabric covering.  We are about 3 man-hours into the job, Anne-Marie and I went to Knoxville to have a new hose made up.

It was near the end of their 10 hour day, they took about a hour to install the hose.  Steve accompanied us to the propane supplier, he wanted to do an immediate pressure check.  Success!  The gage showed –0- pressure drop over 10 minutes.  I’m typing this at 2:30 on Tuesday morning, about 10 hours later and no leaks.  I’ll post a picture of the offending hose tomorrow, it is in the shop. The root cause of my frustration is that we never did a ‘leak-down’ test on the system after repairs.  Where was my head at ??



A few miles up the highway, up a dirt road is this profoundly sad marker memorializing the burial ground of slaves from the area in the early 1800’s.  They were buried in this plot in unmarked graves, about 3 miles from the laboratories of the Atomic Energy Commission that we visited a few years ago.

We are staying o’nite at Steve’s RV shop as he want to do a final check tomorrow. 

We have 400 miles to be in Decatur IN for the Fleetwood rally.  Hoping for good weather as we will be Boon-docking.

Road find, rusting away…..






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