Decatur, A Great Small Town 2015

Decatur, IN  is the kind of small town that you start to like on your first trip to down town.  On Friday evening, we found the town square cordoned off.  Miss Somebody’s dance squad was working the crowd while the square was surrounded with great local food vendors.  The Boy Scouts attracted me with fresh cut French fries, cheese & chili.


A short walk down the street, we found The Shriners helping the local Masonic Lodge draw a crowd for their pulled pork dinner on Saturday.


This large piece of ‘Street Art’ is composed of hundreds of pieces of cutlery, weld together.


We’ve had one small issue (intermittent ‘check engine’ light) repaired at no cost by Freightliner Folks.  At this time, it appears that we will have to wait for an appointment at the factory repair center to fix our reluctant slide.  This slide has been haunting us for 6 months, the tech who diagnosed it said there is a possibility the the slide will have to come out, not a huge job given the proper facility.

How about this for a towed;  It a refurbished ‘46 Ford that been repowered with a Chebbie, auto tranny, A/C and a Mustang front suspension.  It’s his driver and has 95,000 miles on it!


Tomorrow we will go to the movies. Stay tuned.

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