Rally Over, Going to Factory for service. 2015

The Fleetwood sponsored Rally ended on Sunday evening with an entertaining comedian/magician.  On Monday, were alone with the ‘46 Ford and than he left.









We moved about 2 miles to the Fleetwood Service facility, note that we had a waterfront site with hook-ups.  We were a ‘drive-in’ having no reservations.  The building has about 30 service bays and there were about 50 coaches waiting. 















The deluges of rains that caused to little ponds was a blessing in surprise.  It opened a seam on our big slide and caused very minor water damage, this is the same slide that is reluctant.  We’re talking 10 hours of labor, a $590 ‘Hi-torque’ upgraded motor and a minor repair on the slide gearbox.  To this I added a full chassis lube and inspection.  We did learn that our slide mechanism is suffering from poor preventive maintenance.  Not mentioned to me before, it is important to flood the rollers and gears with WD-40 only.  Ours were ‘gummed up’ with dust.

We went into the shop yesterday where the job was quoted.  I dried my eyes and told them to proceed.  They were willing to bring the rig out so we could sleep in it.  No say I, we don’t want to waste an hour (think of it as $120) so we went to the local Baymont Motel.

We expect to leave in early afternoon today.  We will stop in Noblesville to visit Charlie & Sue Schaffer along with their wonder dog Chloe.


Last night we ate at Wings Etc, worth adding to our list of good places to stop.  Remember ‘Arnold’s’ in Happy Days? Well after about 30 years in Decatur, it was recently rebadged to be ‘Aunt Bea’s’.   Great ‘Car Hop’ food or you can eat in which is like a trip into the 60’s in itself.


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