Amish Living 2015


Here in the land of the Amish, we must be careful not to insult them or ridicule their culture.  That being said, how about the solar panel on this Out-House?

There is another problem when you drive out of a $10 car wash, right into a pile of their horses’ exhaust.  You really don’t need a photo.

Leon, the fellow who installed our rebuilt ‘fridge is going on a family reunion next week, its 20 miles away.  That’s a 2 day trip coming & going!  Where do you get hay?  Horse stops of America?


They are great business men, as you can see below they very slowly coming up on basic indoor plumbing repair.  Plumbing 101 would tell you this is not the way to fix a leaking packing.


















Looking for a great place to eat down here?  Don’t bother with the joint where the trailer trucks park.  Look for the one with the bicycles parked outside!


Now for the rest of the story;  The picture at the top is not an electrified out house.  It’s a telephone booth, virtually every farm house or small business has one, not all with solar lighting.

We leave this land of milk & honey tomorrow, before I burst my britches.  We expect to be in Suffield on Saturday.  More news will follow.

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