PA I-80 and Ice 2015

Today we drove from Howe, Indiana to The Wal-Mart in Dubois. PA.  376 miles which according to Mr. Google should take 5:47 hours.  I drive slow but 9 hours is pure dumb ridiculous.  OK, we did stop for a fast food baked spud with steak & cheese in Ohio.  Lost about 45 minutes.  It was as good as it looked!steakspud

No, the problem was the 3 hours we spent on I-80 in Pennsylvania, we went about 30 miles!  I know you all feel sorry for me with the exception of the Rustburg’s who lay claim to relative buried here.  Yes. I pilfered this picture from the I-net.  That is the level of infamy associated with I-80.


I did have wonderful news at the end of the day.  These are the first ice cubes to be harvested from the ice maker in our new-rebuilt fridge.  I will be testing them on Maker’s Mark shortly!


We are on track to be in Connecticut on Saturday.

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