Lost in New York 2015

No lame excuse here, neither one of us was following a map.  I had programed the G.P.S. wrong and we blindly followed it for about 2 hours into Upper New York State farm land.  When we realized the misdirection, we were near Ithaca NY with some choices to be made.  Our original plan had been to stop in Bristol, CT, that was out of the question as it would require a 200 mile detour.

We decided to go to Travelers Woods Campground at #13 below.  The reduced our mileage by about 200 miles, allowed us to be off the road at a campground we were more than familiar with.  most of the roads were good, we did have to bisect Vermont with about 70 miles on route #9, we’ve done that before.  While charging up a hill at 25mph, the views were wonderful {Me} or scary {Anne-Marie}.


Another consideration was the weather forecast, it was spectacular on Friday & Saturday turning to rain on Saturday evening and Sunday morning (When I am writing this).  Hard to believe it’s almost July and I am running our furnaces.

The campground had a Spaghetti Supper on Saturday evening before the rains.  A good time was had by all, raising money for our charity.  This campground was founded about 30 years ago by several members of the National Camping Travelers {check us out at: http://www.gonct.org/) as a  public campground which follows Masonic quality of living guidelines. 


We have a 2 week reservations here, after that we will go north to Essex Junction for the NCT national Rally.  On our trip south we will visit Connecticut again while we travel towards Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico.

Unless I get lost again!

2 thoughts on “Lost in New York 2015

  1. CHarlie says:

    Got flooded out at Riverbend CG again only a 1 1/2 ‘ deeper across the road, we left earlier, others had to be towed out. Getting concerned about getting back by the 4th. Have to find a place to empty tanks today, that’s an issue too also. Charlie

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