America’s Birthday 2015


My camera (and my abilities) fall very short of being up to the task of capturing fireworks.  This year we were at the Rettburg’s home for a wonderful picnic (Wayne’s fabled pulled pork) after which we sat on the front lawn where the fireworks & concert are presented on the campus of Manchester Community College.  I was warmly greeted when I introduced them to Summer Shandy


Note the huge stumps here, trees came down this year.  Next project will be to chip the stumps and re-grade the area.  Add a 30a service and we will have another place to park.

On Saturday we traveled down to the Connecticut shoreline where The Mattesens were camping at Hammonset State Park.  The major attraction of the day was the celebration of Amelia Mattesens’s 19th birthday.  Amelia has complted her freshman year at Worcester Poly Tech and has been awarded an internship at G.E. Aero-Space in Lynn, MA.  She is also an athlete competing in several track sports.  In this photo, she is shown riding ‘ The Birthday Chair’, a tradition that she observed at the summer camp where she served as a guidance councilor for several years.


We ended the day at a great local seafood restaurant, Lenny & Joe’s Fish Tale.  An long standing institution in Madison, CT, the weather was so good that the crowd was not too big and we were seated very quickly.  ‘Seated’ is relative, in New England fried seafood tradition, you will probably eat outside at picnic tables off of paper plates and plastic forks.  You won’t complain, the food id that good!


I’m a little stopped over hear as I have driven our Toyota about 600 miles in the last 3 days.  My beer belly may also have something to do with it ;-(

Next week I have some maintenance work to do and we will relocate to our HS friends The Knowles.

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