Hot On The Right, Cold On The Left 2015

One of my least favorite things is plumbing work.  I never seem to have the right fittings.  Several years ago I replaced to boiler in our Windsor house.  Took all day as I had to make about 4 trips to Home Depot to get various pipes and fittings!

This weeks task was a bit simpler.  S.W.M.B.O. desired a new Kitchen faucet with a high rise, sometimes called a ‘Pot Filler’.  Her hidden agenda was not cooking pasta, she wanted to be able to shampoo her hair under it.  The fact that it had to be a single lever took in right out of the $39 budget!


You might notice the bottle of my special muscle liniment in the background.   This puffy guy has lost a bit of the flexibility that makes this job easy.


ADSCN0203 good thing is the serendipity that we experience when we meet friends in a campground.  On Tuesday morning our   friend Jack Mulhall knocked on the door.  Jack is the president of The National Camping Travelers this year.  He and his wife Pat are taking their fur baby Cinder to Essex Junction, VT where our annual rally will be held.  He accepted my offer to help with parking so we will have to arrive a day early.

On Friday, we will relocate to the Knowles home where we will freeload while we do some more family & friends visiting.  I also hope to install the Sea Level system that proved to be very accurate in monitoring our tank levels in the Cardinal.

























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