We’re Back! 2015

While in Connecticut, we bought a new laptop as our old one was just too slow and had several instances of ‘The Blue Screen of Death’.  It is an upscale Toshiba Satellite with 8G of memory and an Intel i5 processor.  Blazing fast and very easy to multitask with.  This is my 1st post from it.

We had to opt for Win 8.1 which in turn made it impossible to simply ‘Easy Transfer’ our data through a cable.  I did not like the new screen format, I installed Star 8 which magically returns the screen to a clone of the Win 7 that I am used to.  We had no phone or i-net for two days, thought I’d go nuts!

We left the Knowles compound and drove 150 miles to Ball Mt. Vermont where we camped at Winhall Brook Campground.  Maintained by C.O.E., deep in The Green Mountains, this campground is the best of the best, the lone exception being the narrow and difficult bridge used to gain access.  It to me about 15 minutes to line up our 38 foot coach to cross the bridge.

Windhall Bridge

I doubt that a 40 footer would do it, it is not possible to line up a fifth wheel either.  Once over the bridge we had a nice site with water & electric.FB_IMG_1415991258996

On Thursday we traveled 140 miles on Vermont secondary road to Essex Junction where I will assist the parking crew as the rally comes in.

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